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We are building a tiny house that is safe, sustainable, and mobile! When completed, it will provide a short-term “Safe House” for an LGBTQ+ individual in the Upstate who has lost their housing due to coming out. Our dream is to bring together Clemson University students, members of the local community and members of Peace Church, UCC.. The Tiny House will also raise awareness of discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. Construction has begun and will continue throughout the fall.  We hope to have most of it complete by the end of the academic year.

Look for our trailer in the lower parking lot of the South Carolina Botanical Gardens when it’s not on “show and tell” visits!

Gary Gaulin will be assuming responsibility as the Project Manager beginning on January 1.

Jon Andrews of Mirror Image Design, Salem SC is the Construction manager.  Jon thank you for donating your time and expertise.

Tyler Rodgers, Clemson University Student is the designer of the house.

Dr. Rajendra Singh, Clemson University Professor and expert in Solar Technology for his assistance.

Location of Build:  South Carolina Botanical Gardens, Clemson University at the parking lot in front of the Bob Campbell Geological Museum.

Help with the house is needed in four ways:

First is with building.  Second involves helping to create a management plan.  Third, we continue to need assistance with financing it.  Finally–always–we need you to continue to help advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

How you can help build the house:

Due to the winter break and the transition of one project manager to a new one (a healthy transition), a specific pattern for work days has not been identified.

You do not need to be a professional to help.  We have individuals on site who will help guide and teach.

See further down for some basic rules and how groups can participate.

To schedule for a time to help with building, E-mail


Helping to Create a Management Plan

This house is about community coming together.  The Tiny House Project:  LGBTQ+ Safe House needs helpers to develop a plan about how the house will be managed once it is built.  This includes who is eligible, for how long, who will make the selection, how will the house be moved each time, who will help identify locations for each resident?  Ultimately, who will own the house?  We need help to answer these questions.

A committee has faithfully met throughout the fall, working on answering these questions.

To learn more about the management plan, contact

We Need Help to Finance the Project

Thanks to grants from the United Church of Christ and from the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ we have resources for building; however, we do not have enough.  Help is needed with financial donations for materials.

The best way to make a financial donation is to go to the “Give” tab of this website.  In the memo, mark “Tiny House Project” and if going on to making a gift toward a specific item add the name of that item.

Some specific large ticket items for which we need given:

Micro Fridge:  Thanks to Collegiate Concepts a combined unit is being donated.

2 burner stove top, electric

Propane Heater, cost $375

Natures Head Composting Toilet, cost $990

Precision Temp RV–550 NSP Tankless Water Heater, cost $1,150

We are thankful to Addison Homes for a donation of the door for the Tiny House and for assisting with finding donors for five windows.

Thanks to the family of John Mauer which have made a gift so that two solar panels and two batteries can be installed in the house helping to make the Tiny House more “sustainable” AND it helps the house be more flexible when it lives out its purpose of being a mobile safe house and hooking up to energy grids.

We are thankful for many individuals who are donating professional services.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Help is needed.  Always.  Every week one hears yet another story of an individual in this region who has experienced bullying or received a message of “You are not wanted here!” whether it is from one’s family or from the community as a whole.

If You Are Helping to Build

1.  Be on time, we are counting on you.

2.  Be prepared to sign an insurance release form.

3.  Be prepared to sign a document that says you have read the job rules.

4.  Closed toe shoes on the project are a requirement, we will also have on hand other safety gear that will be required depending on the nature of the project.  We have protective eye coverings, helmets, gloves, ear plugs–participants though are welcome to bring their own equipment.

5.  If you are under the age of 18 you will need the signature of a parent or guardian and may be restricted in some of the work you may perform.  We are sorry, but if under the age of 14 we cannot let you participate.

6.  It is wise to wear clothing that can become dirty and which helps to protect the skin.  We are not responsible for stains, tears as this is a build site.

Many of our guidelines have been adopted from similar not for profit organizations.

Saw Horse Communion

When we find the rhythm, this will be incorporated shortly after a weekday build…for those who are interested.  Communion doesn’t need to be fancy, in a fancy place…but there amidst the work.

For those who are spiritually oriented, a project like this is prayer at work.sure you memo “Tiny House Project”.  Peace Church is a 501 (c)(3) organization.  You got it, fully tax deductible.

Up to Date Photos

As it isn’t as easy to change pictures on a Web Site, for up to date photos we encourage you to visit:

We also note that the insurance release signed by participants who are working on the project grants permission for use of photos.  It is always our intent to be respectful in such usage.