Tiny House Project

Here’s a neat article published by the UCC Keeping You Posted newsletter.

We are building a tiny house that is safe and mobile (if needed)! When completed, it is intended to provide a short-term “Safe House” generally for an LGBTQ+ individual in the Upstate who has lost their housing due to coming out but potentially for others in need as well. Our dream is to bring together Clemson University students, members of the local community and members of Peace Church, UCC. The Tiny House will also raise awareness of discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and others in need of a “Safe House”. Construction is well underway and will continue throughout the fall. We expect to have most of it complete by the end of 2019.

Jon Andrews of Mirror Image Design, Salem SC is the Construction manager.  Jon thank you for donating your time and expertise. Tyler Rodgers, Clemson University Alumna designed the house.

Helping to Create a Management Plan

This house is about community coming together.  The Tiny House Project:  LGBTQ+ Safe House needs helpers to develop a plan about how the house will be managed once it is built.  Ultimately, who will own the house, and who will decide who lives in it? This includes who is eligible, for how long, who will make the selection, will the house be stationary or will it be moved as needed. If moved then how will the house be moved each time and who will help identify locations for each resident?  We need help to answer these questions. As shown in the related photo the house is indeed mobile!

To learn more about the management plan, contact ClemsonUCCPastor@gmail.com.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Help is needed.  Always.  Regularly we hear yet another story of an individual in the Upstate SC region who has experienced bullying or received a message of “You are not wanted here!” whether it is from their family or from the community as a whole. Step up! Be an ally, advocate, friend. Visit Peace Church on Sundays at 5:00 PM for our regular service!