As a progressive community, with progressive and evolving theology, our worship at Peace also finds a way to be unusual!

Most Sundays, you will find us worshipping at 5 pm in the Clemson Downs Corley Room located at 500 Downs Blvd, Clemson SC (follow signs for Corley Center once in complex). A more traditional service that includes the celebration of Communion.

Occasionally, we gather for a Church of the Wild service in the great outdoors. This special service is an intentional time to gather outdoors and begin to heal our connection with the natural world, a connection which has been harmed by our Western beliefs and colonial practices. Often our Church of the Wild services take place at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens located at 150 Discovery Lane, Clemson, SC.

Quarterly, we will have services that solely virtually In an effort to prioritize accessibility and those who regularly join us off-site, once a month, we offer a zoom only worship space. This service usually prioritizes small group discussions and a more meditative approach to worship. Join us from home, with the comfort of your own snacks and altar space. Join us by clicking here.

Every week, we offer a Zoom option for those who wish to join us remotely. The Zoom link can be found on our home page, or you can reach out to moderator@thepeacechurch.org to placed on our enews list. The news includes the Zoom link.


A journey into our Congregational Life and Worship …

Wherever WE are and whoever YOU are, you can expect a warm welcome every Sunday at 5:00 PM.

We are informally formal, Christian, protestant in worship. You’ll often find us singing traditional hymns, we usually have a sermon, and we regularly include scriptural texts, but we ALSO seek wisdom from contemporary sources like poetry and music and other prose. Sometimes we forget to light the candles, or mess up a reading, but we always worship with love and humor and joy.

When Peace was first formed in 2007, it was part of our founding charter to never own a building or property. This was (and is) our community’s commitment to living lightly on the earth and in partnership with others. Because of this, you will find us gathering in many different locations (see current locations above).

When we talk about the God, Jesus, and the Bible it is liberal and progressive.

LGBTQ+ people are not only welcomed, but affirmed and celebrated at Peace.

We take the Bible seriously, but not literally (after all, after thousands of years of human translations and interpretations, to say that the Bible is the literal Word of God is rather misleading).

We are intentional about taking time to hear people’s concerns and pray about them during worship.

We recognize that each and every one of us in on a spiritual journey and that sometimes life is very hard, and more easily navigated in community. Questions, doubts, and wisdom from other traditions are all welcome here.

As a predominantly White community and denomination, we are dedicated to the slow work of unlearning the beliefs and practices of white supremacy, so we can more fully embrace the beautiful and diverse web of creation.

As a church and denomination, we generally practice infant baptism (a welcoming into the family of God) but respect the right of individuals to choose no baptism or to wait for a later date for a believer’s baptism. If already baptized there is no need to be re-baptized.

Throughout the year, we’ll also have book studies, devotional groups and community pilgrimages.