About Peace Church

We are a Christian congregation that seeks to welcome all people. We think that each individual is on their own “unique” journey of faith, and we encourage independent thought.

We look to the historical Jesus. When we study him in his historical and literary context, we find a different Jesus emerging from what many hear about in the news and have often experienced in other churches. Not only do we find a social justice-oriented Jesus, but one who is non-judgmental in his reaching out to people who are “other”. He lifts up a loving God who is in relationship with us. We also find an early Christian community that was diverse in its thoughts and beliefs about Jesus, about God in general, and about the nature of the church. We strive to allow the historical Jesus and the diversity of the early church to be alive at Peace Church.

As people on a journey together, we believe that we have a unique offering to those who are “searching” and wanting a different church experience. Meanwhile we wish to affirm the legitimacy of other Christian traditions as well as other religions.

Since our church launch in 2008, we have been particularly intentional about welcoming members of the LGBTQ+ community, while our faith community itself is full of people of all orientations. Regarding the LGBTQ+ community: our desire is to affirm, be a safe place, as well as to advocate for full inclusion into society.

Currently we are investing time, energy, advocacy and resources toward the improvement of race relations; intentionally lifting up a “God is still speaking” God; and experiencing God in the natural world (see Second Sundays). Very quietly in the background are concerns about the environment and global warming (this led to early decisions to rent space rather than own space), questions about how we might do church differently, and where the future of an open-minded Christian faith might lead us.

While free-spirited and independent, we are affiliated with the United Church of Christ. The United Church of Christ traces its history back through the foundation of the United States, the early European settling of this country (the Pilgrims), and into the heart of the Protestant Reformation itself.

We invite you to walk with us.