Some of our most interesting conversations take place in an informal setting. Often they will involve a “favorite beverage.”

During the academic year, these gatherings take place on the first and third Tuesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 at Nick’s Tavern on Sloan Street in Clemson.  Usually (but not always–we are not rigid) we follow a series produced by the United Church of Christ called  Thirty Second or Less.  This series is video-based.  It is used as a springboard for discussion.  Sometimes we stay on topic and other times, we, well…meander.  Participants are asked not only to engage verbally but also to LISTEN to each other.

To learn more about the series:

No preparation needed. Consistency is not necessary. Engagement is required.

Over the summer months, we deviate and gather once a month and then go on a “field trip.”  Topics are also more clearly defined.

May 16,  2017:  Russ & Charline’s Pontoon Boat (BYOB)–the theme, “Your favorite victim in the Bible.”

June 20, 2017:  Appalachian Ale House (a Speakeasy)–the theme, “Your favorite flawed good guy/gal in the Bible”

July 18, 2017:  Bauerhaus in Anderson (led by Pam)–the theme, “Your favorite Villain in the Bible”

August 15, 2017:  TBA–the theme, “Your favorite underachiever in the Bible”

September–back to Nick’s.

So why are we really doing this? Most important answer—it’s fun. Some of us also admit, we enjoy it because so many people like to say, “religious people aren’t supposed to drink!” Who said so? Jesus drank. He did not condemn. Besides Peace Church isn’t like most people. Not only do we not condemn a person enjoying a favorite beverage (whether it is a glass of tea or a pint), we also welcome nontraditional views, answers, and questions.

Consider yourself invited for a pint of your favorite beverage . . . and conversation.