Worshipers gathered for Holy Words/Sacred Meal service on a first Sunday

Beginning at 5:00 PM every Sunday evening, worship takes a different shape each week by this schedule:

  • 1st SundayHoly Words/Sacred Meal:  This is the most traditional gathering that includes a sermon and communion.
  • 2nd SundaySinging the Faith:  This gathering includes a lot of singing that follows a chosen theme with scripture and prayer.
  • 3rd SundaySavor the Sacred:  This gathering is developed around sharing the meal. Expect this gathering to last 75 minutes plus or minus.
  • 4th Sunday, Rhythm and Meditation:  This gathering features a “visiting” musician who brings song with a message.
  • 5th Sunday (when such occur), Experiencing the Contemplative: This gathering features meditation, silence and having a Christian meditative experience.  No formal sermon.