We are informally formal, Christian, protestant in worship; and you wonder “what does all that mean?”

A journey into a typical service…

What can we say about worship?  Right now, all we can say is worship is in transition.  As Peace Church prepares for its move to OLLI at the Cheezem Education Center on Patrick Square, it enters into a period of intentionally rethinking how a typical gathering will look.  It is quite possible that each Sunday will usher in a completely different format of worship.  One week the service may be developed entirely around a musician and her spirituality.  Another may be developed around a Biblical food item, a meal, a related Bible Passage, and conversation.   Another might be “service” oriented.  Still another may be somewhat formal, liturgical, include hymns, and celebrate Communion.

Through July 16 worship will take place at 226 Pendleton Road at 5:00 PM on Sundays.  Most of those services will be somewhat traditional in nature with hymns and a sermon, there will be a couple of exceptions.

  • June 25–a collaborative service between the music/spirituality of Christy LaFrance Williamson and a message/prayer from Pastor Bruce.  A reasonable chance that this may be the last formal sermon Pastor Bruce preaches at Peace.
  • July 2–Worship, Message, Communion planned by Pam Mack with traditional hymns
  • July 9–Worship, Message, traditional hymns planned by Steve Sterner
  • July 16–Celebrating 226 Pendleton Road as a Worship Center for the past 7 years and saying “goodbye”

Beginning Sunday, July 23 worship will take place at OLLI in Patrick Square, Clemson

  • July 23–Music, Spirituality by Christy LaFrance Williamson
  • July 30–A Biblical food, related scripture passage, and conversation with Chef Dave and Pastor Bruce
  • August 6–to be decided–probably it will be more formal in nature with hymns and communion
  • August 13–All About the Tiny House Project–its our official groundbreaking, expect a component of worship to include construction.

Worship lasts about one hour, beginning at 5:00 PM every Sunday evening.

When we talk about the God, Jesus, and the Bible it is liberal and progressive.

We are intentional about taking time to hear people’s concerns and pray about them.

Approximately once a month we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion with an “Open Table”.  This means that anyone, and we mean anyone, is welcome.

As a church and denomination, we generally practice infant baptism (a welcoming into the family of God) but respect the right of individuals to choose no baptism or to wait for a later date for a believer’s baptism. If already baptized there is no need to be re-baptized.