We are informally formal, Christian, protestant in worship; and you wonder “what does all that mean?”

A journey into a typical service…

When Peace Church moves to OLLI at the Cheezem Education Center on Patrick Square, we entered into a period of intentionally rethinking how a typical gathering looks.  Each Sunday involves a different format of worship.

Beginning in March 2018, the Sunday 5 PM gatherings at OLLI will follow the following pattern

  • 1st Sunday, Holy Words/Sacred Meal:  The gathering may well be the most formal.  The language of “worship” along with the corresponding message and music, lifts up inclusive language, progressive faith, emphasizes social justice.  Each gathering includes the celebration of Communion, to which ALL are welcome–no matter age, gender identity, ethnicity, race, belief.
  • 2nd Sunday–5 PM, Art, Music and Story  The informal gathering will center on special singing alongside creative efforts surrounding a story, past or present.
  • 3rd Sunday, Savor the Sacred:  The gathering will be developed around sharing the meal.  At the heart of each meal will be one dish related with the theme for the day.  The sacred will arise in and around the meal, with the message being discussion oriented.  Those who gather are invited to bring a dish to share.  Those who have specific dietary concerns are encouraged to make sure that the dish they share meets their own needs.  Expect this gathering to be a bit longer than other weeks.
  • 4th Sunday,  Stumbling Sunday:  These gatherings are developed around a meditative arrangement by Rev Gayle.
  • 5th Sunday (when such occur),  Experiencing the Contemplative:  There is time for meditation, silence and having a Christian meditative experience.  We may use Taize songs and other forms of music designed to help enter into that quiet place.  No formal sermon.

Worship lasts about one hour (exception–Savor the Sacred), beginning at 5:00 PM every Sunday evening.

When we talk about the God, Jesus, and the Bible it is liberal and progressive.

We are intentional about taking time to hear people’s concerns and pray about them.

Approximately once a month we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion with an “Open Table”.  This means that anyone, and we mean anyone, is welcome.

As a church and denomination, we generally practice infant baptism (a welcoming into the family of God) but respect the right of individuals to choose no baptism or to wait for a later date for a believer’s baptism. If already baptized there is no need to be re-baptized.