In the 1980’s and 90’s when no one else was talking about broadening the understanding of  the Covenant of Marriage, the United Church of Christ was already having a denomination wide discussion.  For the UCC it seems right.  Marriage is now the law of the land and a rite of the United Church of Christ.  We celebrate that two  people (gay, lesbian, straight, transgender) who love each other can legally enter into “The Covenant of Marriage”, and we can offer the blessing of God.

As an ordained United Church of Christ pastor, I celebrate those opportunities to officiate at weddings.

I am willing to work with couples on time and place.

You do not need to be a member of Peace Church in order for us to joyfully embrace you and your wedding plans.  We are particularly sensitive to those who might fall under the LGBTQ umbrella as there continues to be systemic rejection.

My base wedding service is that of the United Church of Christ.  This service allows flexibility as the service is individualized for each couple.

I like to meet with couples twice prior to their wedding.  The first time we basically just talk.  I ask questions like:  Why do you want to get married?  How will marriage change your relationship?  Why the church?  Etc.  This is a non judgmental conversation and I expect responses to cross the spectrum.  The second meeting, we focus primarily on making decisions around the wedding ceremony itself and review what is transpiring in the ceremony.

I encourage couples to meet with a professional counselor prior to the wedding and have a few sessions that culminate in a “marriage evaluation.”  I believe such interaction can only strengthen a relationship; however, the decision is yours.

As Peace Church is about the Spiritual, I encourage those uniting themselves in marriage and who are seeking the blessing of the divine, to attend worship, developing that relationship.  While I/we love it when people choose Peace Church, this is not a requirement.  Some may choose to attend another church, use this as an opportunity to visit various congregations, or even to experience other religions.  Our hope is that this assists you in nurturing the spiritual side of yourself and your relationship.

For a wedding to be legal in the State of South Carolina, a wedding license must be placed in my hands at the time of the rehearsal or wedding ceremony.

Peace Church rents worship time and space from the Unitarian Universalist congregation, we often need to comply with their rules and regulations when it comes to use of their building.  This is relatively easy to do if your desire is to have a sanctuary-oriented wedding.  On the other hand, this also allows us extra flexibility with the location of a wedding.

If weddings are simple, no rehearsal is needed.  The more complex or formal a wedding becomes, the more essential a rehearsal becomes.

If you ask me to officiate at your wedding, I am the one in charge of the ceremony, no matter the location.  It is my practice to carefully listen to and be sensitive to the desires of the two individuals who are uniting themselves in the covenant of marriage.

If you are thinking about marriage, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Bruce