Many of us feel closest to God in nature. Some of our most profound spiritual experiences take place in nature. Meanwhile the Clemson area is full of places that are, to put it simply, awesome.

Peace Church has decided to do something about this. On the Second Sunday of every month, we have an experience that incorporates the natural world. Our intention is not to simply have an outing, but to provide a framework that is spiritual. Meanwhile, we also want it to be relaxed and enjoyable.

To date Second Sundays have seen us sitting at the foot of waterfalls, floating in kayaks on Lake Jocassee, riding bikes on the Doodle Trail, and experiencing a Japanese Tea Ceremony in the SC Botanical Gardens. Spiritual components have included silence, quiet walking, doodling with chalk, writing haiku, being saged. We have included Native American Spirituality, Celtic Spirituality, and a Zen experience. We are not sure where future ones will lead, but always there is the integrating of the spiritual with God’s creation.

As we generate plans, there are three current rules: No preaching, no lecture, and no singing.

Information about upcoming experiences can be found at: Meetup/

Recent Experiences:

(Specific Spiritual Focus often develops as the experience gets closer.)

July:  The Botanical Gardens, Meditative Walking, & a Japanese Tea Ceremony

August:  Lake Kayak and Native American Spirituality

September: Station Cove Falls & Biblical Stelas while remember September 11

October: Henry David Thoreau & The Broad River–Postponed to late spring/early summer 2017 due to the river being too low.

November:  After the election, we felt the need to breath.  We walked a trail on the edge of Issaqueena Lake, shared Psalms, and breathed.

December:  A walk through pine trees included a reflection on an passage from the Bible called “The Peaceable Kingdom” and decorating a tree with birdseed ornaments, popcorn, and cranberries–a tree for the birds.

January:  2 Labyrinths–one we created on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens and one which was in the woods.

February:  The poetry of Maya Angelou while sitting around a fire on the  shores of Issaqueena Lake.

March:  Cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions

April:  Oconee Station, a beautiful day, & meditative walking

Upcoming Experiences:

May 14, 2017:  Swamp Rabbit & Bike Hike, and the Sacred Feminine

June 11, 2017:  Petroglyphs, Sacred Expressions that Reach Across Time

July 9, 2017:  Yellow Branch Falls–planned and led by Julie

August 13, 2017:  Creek Bed Walk, led by Maggie

September 10, 2017:  Broad River & Henry David Thoreau