Peace Church offers opportunities to broaden our understanding of faith. While this is always a part of worship, there are times we are more intentional in what we offer. Such opportunities are consistent with our values which encourage critical thinking.

Currently we have two groups that meet for critical thinking and discussion.

Bible Study

Our congregational life includes a Bible Study Group that meets on a monthly basis at Keowee Kee under the leadership of two members of the Peace Church Community.  For more information contact Russ at


Book Discussion: Who Lynched Willie Earle? by Will Willimon

In 2016/17 we discussed a the book The God We Never Knew by Marcus J. Borg. The book led readers to go “Beyond dogmatic religion to a more authentic contemporary faith.” For such discussions, we look for public places where ALL might feel comfortable–a library, coffee shop.

As we look toward 2017/18, the format will change slightly.  In the fall of 2017 will be engagement with Who Lynched Willie Earle?  Willie Earle was the last man lynched in South Carolina.  His burial place is in Clemson.  He was lynched near Greenville after being taken out of a jail in Pickens.  Its our story–as in local.  Willimon is a highly respected author from Greenville who teaches theology.  He looks at the subject of prejudice through the lens of a sermon that was offered in Pickens shortly after the lynching of Willie Earle in 1947 and looking at newspaper accounts.  Ideally, this book discussion will take place with four gatherings, each involving a historically related location:  Lynching (Greenville), related sermon (Pickens), burial (Clemson), and wrap up conversation.  Plans include developing this in partnership with Abel Baptist.


If  interested or want to learn more details, contact Pastor Bruce at or